The Ultimate iOS Podcast Player

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted in our app, UCast, and on our website.

What do we collect?

UCast no stored your personal information for any propose. All the records are anonymous on our server. When you share a episode, we stored a record of this but not who user share this.

If you enable push notifications, UCast will store a push token to our server so that the notification can be delivered to your device.

If you subscribe to a private or password protected podcast, the url, username and password associated with that podcast not is stored to our server so that we can fetch new episodes.

If you use the “Send Feedback” feature in the app, your email, app version, podcast subscriptions and iOS version will be included by default in the email you send, so that we can investigate any problems you report. You can manually delete these from the email template if you’d prefer not to send them. Additionally, the “Attach Logs” and “Attach Database” options will upload 7 days of application logs and the local app database which includes your play history, inbox and queue.

Analytics / Third Parties

We may gather aggregated anonymous usage statistics in order to improve the operation of our service. We don’t sell this data and no app features are derived from it. We do not use any third party analytics services in the app.

UCast includes the Fabric SDK which uploads crash reports from your device.

On our website, we use Google Analytics.

Information Usage

UCast will comply with requests from courts, subpoenas and law enforcement. We don’t process your data in any way outside of what is required to provide the features of the app. We don’t sell user data to third parties.


UCast uses industry standard techniques to secure data transferred between the app and the server.

Third Party Links and Content

UCast displays “Show Notes” for each podcast episode. It is possible that podcasters could track you IP address when you view these by including tracking images.

When you stream or download an episode, the company hosting the audio file could log your IP address, which may allow them to determine your location. We accept no responsibility or liability for their content or activities.


If you choose to use the “Send Feedback” feature and attach your logs / database you consent to us viewing that content for debugging purposes.

Contacting Us

You can contact us at info@ucastapp.com